Level 2 Group Performance – Explanation of the standard and exemplars

Now that we have taken sometime to consider what makes a good group performance and we could effectively manage our rehearsal time, let’s take a detailed look at the level 2 group performance standard (AS91272):


Have a look at the next 3 performances videos. All are level 2 performances. One is an achieved, one a merit and one an excellence. Your task is to mark them against the criteria we’ve just discussed. Can you use these criteria to figure out which grade each of these performances received? I’ve started a post on Google+ where you can discuss the performances and rank them in order of achieved to excellence. Once you’ve done that, we will look at what their actual marks were.

Video 1: (vocalist closest to the piano)

Video 2: (assessment is the piano player closest to the camera)

Video 3: (assessment is of the violin player on the right)

February 22, 2017