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Haere mai! Pūoro 2019

Welcome to senior music 2019

Kia ora koutou and welcome to the WHS senior music learning site. This site functions both as a learning site for all of our senior music students at WHS and as a place to share our work with the world. All of the years tasks and assignments will be available here, along with key dates, links to our Google+ community and, our class blog and other key information.

What you’ll need for this course

  • You should have a device for this course and bring it to every lesson—it is essential for helping you to complete the online component.
  • If you have a cell phone, you will be allowed to use it at certain times (as advised by your teacher) to create videos of the work you are doing.
  • The school does have some instruments, however, in general if you own your own instrument you’re encouraged to bring that to school to practice on—you’ll feel much better practicing on your own instrument than one of the school ones that are of varying quality (and states of repair!)

The importance of personal practice

There is a lot to get through in the music courses (true for all levels). In order for you to keep on top of your work and complete all available standards, it is important that you are practicing your instrument in your own time (as homework). There are opportunities to practice in class as well, however, class time is better spent (particularly after you’ve finished the group performance assessment) on completing the written internals and preparing for the externals.  Ideally, every student should have an instrumental teacher. If you are a singer, I’d advise you to join the singing/choir class on line 6. Other instrumentalists can talk to me about the options available for instrumental tuition, both through the school and in the community.


As part of our learning we are using the Google+ forum. We are hoping to have another couple of schools involved in this project this year, but time will tell how we go with that goal. In the meantime, it is important that you sign up to Google+ (you’ll be assisted with this during class time) and that you complete any class tasks associated with Google+.  The purpose of using Google+ is for you, the students, to be empowered to learn collaboratively and co-create the directions you wish to take this learning in. You teacher is here to support you in doing this by showing ways to achieve this and what it might look like.

In addition to this, we have the following code of conduct for Google+ :

  • When someone posts something, it becomes part of your homework/classwork to read that post (all posts!)
  • If you feel you have something meaningful to add to the post in the form of a comment, then do so. We will talk more about good commenting in class, but a feedback/feedforward approach works well, as do asking questions of the poster that might get them to think more critically about their work.
  • If someone ask you a question in Google+ it is important (and polite) that you reply (ideally with an answer to the question).
  • Goolge+ is a forum for us to learn together collaboratively. We need to support each other to grow as musicians. With that in mind, keep comments polite and civil. Any instances of inappropriate behavior or posting will not be tolerated (this has never been a problem in this community before, nor in the photography one I run so anticipate that that will remain the case).

Performance Friday

We have our double period on Friday. Every week we will have students performing to the class. The idea here is to build performance skills in a safe environment before presenting items to wider audiences. Performances in these times are not meant to be finished products necessarily (though you should aim to present something to the best of your ability), they may be works in progress or even segments of things you’ve been working on. We will construct a schedule for these performances in class. We’ll start week 2 with the Yr 13s up first.

Concert Series 2019

We will be running several concerts through out the year. The first will be a series of lunchtime concerts in Rm 11, starting in term 2, and running through term 3 as well. As a class we will discuss the programs for these concerts—there are a few options of what it might look like.  We will also have a more formal concert in the evening towards the end of term 2. Level 2 and 3 students will be expected to perform at these concerts as part of their assessment.


February 4, 2017